Monday, 23 July 2012

Going on holiday

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I am very fortunate to have just returned from a holiday in the sun and I survived – more importantly my business and animals survived without me! It took a lot of persuasion by my partner to leave them and the house for almost 2 weeks. However, it was a much needed break and we both feel refreshed and ready to face the rest of the year. Here are some top tips for leaving your business and clients behind this summer:

  • Give clients as much notice as possible so you can discuss with them your work schedule leading up to and after your holiday; place a note as part of your email signature detailing the dates you’re away.

  • You may wish to prepare an “out of office” notification to be sent automatically whilst you’re away. Personally, I’m in two minds about this because it notifies anyone who emails you that you’re out of the office (and home if you’re a freelancer).

  • You may want to forward your emails to your phone so you can keep in touch with your business. Again, on a personal level, I prefer to go away and forget about the business. If I’ve worked with my clients to prepare them for my absence then this really shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Back-up all your computer files and securely store your laptop and any back-up devices.

  • On your last day, clear your desk so it’s organised and tidy when you get back and write a “To Do” list for when you return so you can hit the ground running. It’s amazing what you forget when you close the office door.

  • Finally – relax and enjoy your time away. You will provide much better value to your clients if you’ve been able to switch off completely and re-charge your batteries. You never know, a great idea for your business or project may just pop into your head when you’re not consciously thinking about it.

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