Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Home or away?

Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge Park (photo courtesy of Linda Pottinger)
This is my new writing haven - Ashridge Park. It is a beautiful location, where I can enjoy an al fresco coffee at the cafe whilst working. There are some days when I just need to get out of the office to think about my business or to work on a client project. This place is where my creativity seems to flow.

 In a recent ezine, Christine Kane (internationally renowned life-coach and founder of Uplevel You) quoted a colleague who said, 'the environment you set up for yourself to work in is cruical to the output you create.' I totally agree with this. Some of my best work has come whilst sat in a cafe, away from my normal home-office envrionment. An article in the recent Writing Magazine (Aug 2013) describes how 'write-away days' can help to re-set the boundaries between work and creativity, when they begin to blur after spending too much time 'sitting at the same desk in front of the same computer'. Sometimes, working as a freelance writer from home can be lonely so working at a local cafe means that I'm amongst people without necessarily having to interact with them. This seems to be when I'm at my most focused, and it's well worth the investment in a cup of coffee or two!

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