Monday, 23 June 2014

UpLevel Your Business Live 2014 - what an experience!

I was very privileged to attend the UpLevel Your Business Live event hosted by renowned and highly entertaining business coach Christine Kane. The event in Atlanta, Georgia was 3 days of intensive coaching attended by ~300 people including established business owners as well as those thinking of making the leap to self-employment. They came from a variety of industries including yoga teachers, artists, writers, coaches and therapists, which gives you an indication of Christine's style of coaching. There is no teaching of the 'hard sell' here - it's all about being authentic in your business. Being yourself and understanding who your ideal clients are means your marketing will automatically reach those people you wish to serve.

My business coach and friend, Elaine Bailey
The energy in the room was incredible throughout the course. There was a good mix of presentations and interactive exercises covering the process of identifying your ideal client, exploring possible income streams, establishing marketing strategies and selling your services. I had so many light bulb moments during my stay that I would have crashed the National Grid! Such an inspirational experience and I met some great people. The individual coaching sessions that Christine did on stage really convinced me how passionate she is about wanting to help people realise their full potential both in life and business.

With Donna Wray and Elaine Bailey - what talented company!
I arrived as a slightly skeptical Brit - and I have to admit to sitting quietly with my cup of tea while many others danced to the Happy song by Farrell which signaled the end of each coffee break (although by the second day I was swaying slightly!). However, I left enlightened and encouraged - I am most definitely 'in', as Christine would say, and I'm busy working through my To Do list, so watch this space.

Thank you to Donna, Dawn, Lori and Fred who made my stay so much fun and, of course, to my business coach Elaine Bailey for inviting me over in the first place. I can highly recommend signing up for Christine's weekly ezine which contains lots of useful tips for any budding freelancer and business owner.

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